Storage Ideas For Small Closets

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Example of a classic gender-neutral dressing room design in london with beaded inset cabinets, white cabinets and medium tone hardwood floors

storage ideas for small closets

Photo by Ardesia design

They smell as good as new.’ 31 to remove ink from clothes, spray them with hairspray, then wash them as you normally would, says houzz uk user 163hrd. 32 to get rid of bad odours in wardrobes and shoe cupboards, place some charcoal in a small piece of gauze and leave it in there, says french houzzer germaine ngdean. 33 use green tea as a deodorant and dehumidifying agent. wrap well-dried, used green tea leaves in a small piece of gauze, japanese washi paper or a used stocking, and put it in the shoe closet, according to kawakami junko from houzz japan.

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